Audio Visual Tools for People with Learning Disabilities

Quickly Unclog Drains At Home By Following 3 Easy Steps

Is your sink clogged? You may have used a plunger to attempt to get the water to go down, but it does not seem to be working. When water does not go down the drain as quickly as it normally would, there is a fairly good chance you are dealing with a large clog that must get removed. There are steps you can take at home to try to solve this problem on your own before attempting to get help from a professional plumber. Read More 

Beyond Selective Hearing: Could Your Child Have Auditory Neuropathy?

If your child responds to the sounds of the world around him, yet fails to respond to verbal communication, you may assume that he is deliberately tuning you out or practicing what parents affectionately refer to as selective hearing. While this is possible, there is another cause to consider. Your child may be suffering from auditory neuropathy. The hallmark of the rare condition is the inability to distinguish human speech despite normal or slightly impaired hearing. Read More