4 Creative Ways That Home Automation Can Improve Your Quality of Life

If you're like most people, the term house automation brings to mind the ability to control lighting, temperature, and locks remotely using a smartphone. At one time, these capabilities seemed like something out a science fiction book or movie, but they're part of the current reality of many of today's homeowners. As home automation technology continues to progress, consumers have an increasing number of ways that their home automation systems can be used. Following are just six creative ways that home automation systems can make your life better

They Can Preheat Your Bathroom

Hate waking up to a cold bathroom in the morning? Use your home automation system to ensure that it's toasty warm when it's time for your morning grooming routine. Enjoy heated floors and gentle illumination to help you ease into the day -- you can even program your towel-warming device to have a nice, warm towel waiting for you when you finish your morning shower. You can program your system to have your favorite news or music channel playing in your bathroom electronics system.

If you're the type who likes to enjoy a luxurious bath in the evening, your home automation system can ensure that everything is ready for you when you're ready to indulge. It can even have your bath drawn at just the right temperature along with adding your favorite bubble bath or bath oils.

They Can Wake You Up Gently

The days of loudly obnoxious alarm are over. Your home automation system can lift you gently from sleep using graduated alarms of your choosing -- your favorite classical music, for instance, or birdsong, ocean sounds, or other lovely audial representations of the natural world. They can also graduate lighting, starting out with a soft glow and becoming increasingly brighter by increments. By the time you're ready to get out of bed, your coffee will be waiting for you, and your home speaker system will remind you of any specific tasks that need to be performed that morning, such as taking the recycling to the curb. 

They Can Put Your House to Bed At Night 

Home automation systems can also be programmed to lower shades at night, ensure that doors and windows are properly locked, and even play your favorite relaxing music throughout the house at a certain hour. You'll be free to unwind in peace when the time comes to prepare to get a good night's sleep instead of spending your time performing the usual household checks. You can also program your system to automatically turn on any extra security measures, such as motion lights, that you choose to use at night. 

They Can Feed Your Furry Friends

There's no longer any need to worry if you can't be there to feed your furry friends on schedule, so go ahead and say yes when you're invited out after work or simply have the desire to stop and see a movie or grab some dinner at your favorite eatery. Smartphone apps are available to ensure that your furry friends won't be going hungry just because you've got plans. This is also an excellent tool for those who are typically absent from the home during the workweek and who have animals that need to be fed several times throughout the day, such as toy breeds, senior dogs and cats, and those with special dietary needs due to health conditions. You can use pet-feeder apps to create a regular feeding schedule or to manage feedings on an individual basis for those times when you won't be able to make it home as planned. 

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