4 Ways To Transform Your Home Theater With Home Automation

Are you building a home theater, but what to find some ways to make it stand out to friends and family? If so, consider these ways to make your home theater special with home automation.

Digital Assistant

You'll need to have a digital assistant set up in the home theater so that you can control many of the home automation products with your voice. This should be your starting point for transforming your home theater because you will want all of the components you purchase to work together with the voice assistant. It is important to not only be able to call out components by their name to activate them but to also have the ability to set phrases that control multiple components. Ideally, you'll want to say a phrase and have everything start working at the same time. 

Smart Lighting

There are a few ways that you can automate your home lighting for your home theater. A combination of smart plugs and light bulbs can allow you to do some really nifty things. For example, a voice command can dim all of the lights to the perfect level for TV viewing. You can also activate bias lighting behind the TV to make your TV screen a bit easier to see in the dark and reduce eye strain. Smart light bulbs are going to allow you to change the color of the lighting as well to really simulate what it is like to be in a theater. 

Smart Window Shades

Take home automation one step further with smart window shades. You can tie these into your home automation system so that a single voice command will not only turn down the lights but also activate the window shades to roll down and darken the room. This will certainly add a nice touch to the home theater to make the viewing conditions perfect without having to get up from your chair. Just make sure to get blackout shades so that you don't have to worry about glare on the TV.

Voice Controlled TV

The feature that is really going to make your home theater shine is by controlling your TV with your voice. Imagine giving a voice command to watch a movie, and not only does it control the lights and shades, but it also turns on the TV and sets it to the right input. It can certainly help get you in the mood to relax and watch a movie at home.