What You’ll Need For a Home Theater System

Are you transforming a room of your home into a home theater? If so, it will help to know all of the things that you'll need to purchase to make it come together.

The Screen

One of the first things you'll need to decide on is what kind of screen you want for your home theater. If your main concern is size, you'll likely want to go with a projector rather than a TV. A projector allows you to create a really big image that is shown on a wall of your home theater, but you really need the space to make it work.

You can also go with a television instead, which is the more traditional option. The image is going to be brighter and more vivid for sure, but you'll end up paying a premium for a larger screen with that quality.

The Audio Receiver

Every home theater needs an audio receiver for everything to connect to. One of the key things to look at is what type of inputs and outputs the receiver had. You want to make sure that the receiver will grow with your home theater over the years since you don't want to feel limited.

For example, are there enough inputs on the receiver to connect all your tech devices? It may be enough to get by right now, but what devices will you be adding in the future? New video game consoles, streaming boxes, and Blu-ray players all need to plug into the receiver after all.

The Speakers

You need to decide what kind of speaker setup is going to work best for your room. Using the built-in speakers on the TV is definitely not going to cut it. Soundbars work great when space is limited, but consider a 5.1 surround sound setup if possible. The sound will feel more immersive as you hear things traveling across the room behind you during movies that support the feature. 

The Remote

Having everything connected through your receiver means that you'll have many devices that need to be controlled. Consider picking up a universal remote control that lets you do it all with one remote. You can safely put them all away and just leave a single remote out that controls everything. 

The Surge Protection

It doesn't make sense to have all of these high-tech devices set up in your home theater without protecting them. Make sure that you have a surge protector so that you don't have to worry about a power spike damaging your equipment. Even if you can plug everything directly into the wall, that doesn't mean that you should. 

To learn more, contact a supplier of home theater systems